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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2014
March 2014 Member of the Month
Diana Guinn

"I moved to Sparta to be closer to my job. A few employees talked about Fit4Life so I decided to look into it.

I like the 24/7 access, the variety of machines to work out on and the friendliness of members and staff. This made my decision to join an easy one.

I have always had trouble with my weight and have found exercise along with better food knowledge has been the best success for me.

The older I get the more I realize that being healthy makes for feeling better."


Diana summed it up perfectly! Exercise and making better food choices gives the body the energy it needs to become strong and healthy.

The older we all get we start to lose muscle. Less muscle means lower metabolism. The lower your metabolism the harder it is to maintain or reduce your weight.

Through strength training we can re-activate muscle fibers that have not been used. Maintaining or increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism which helps you burn calories in order to maintain or lose excess pounds.

I am proud of you Diana and happy that you are a part of our Fit4Life family.

-Coach Ann

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