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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2014
June 2014 Member of the Month
Gary Peterson

"Well, as we get older, the pounds come on easier and they slow you down physically and mentally. I wanted to find a way to keep fit and Fit4Life is the place for me. I like the variety of machines and everyone there are very helpful. Since I have been at Fit4Life I have more energy and feel good."

Gary and his wife Betty come to the gym regularly. After Betty's hip surgery, they got back into the gym and now we see Gary and Betty regularly working out at Fit4Life. Being retired, Gary understands the need to keep physically active to enjoy the retirement years and grandkids and everything people look forward to later in life!

When you feel good you can live life to the fullest. This philosophy toward life is shared with his wife Betty who always says: "Live, Love and Laugh!"

Congratulations Gary, You are a great role model for other men your age!

-Coach Ann

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