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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2014
July 2014 Member of the Month
Teresa Davis

"I started at Fit4life about 14 years ago because I wanted to lose weight for my son's wedding. I had great trainers and I did will. However, whenever I worked on my own I would fall off track and stop going. I always kept my membership and tried to start back but struggled.

In June this year I attended Dave's Ignite Your Life Seminar and that made all the difference!! I finally care about myself enough to exercise for ME!!

Exercising at Fit4Life makes me feel good and that is why I will continue!"

How many of us have joined a gym, hit it hard for a few weeks/months to get to where we want to be (for a special occasion) and then found ourselves visiting the gym less and less after the occasion?

How many of us join the gym to lose weight, do really well the first 2 or 3 months, get burned out and put weight back on and then some?

This is because we overwhelm ourselves with too many goals at once.

Fit4Life's philosophy is to develop a love for exercise first. Once you notice you feel better, have more energy, no longer tired you will feel like tackling your weight loss goals.

Teresa attended Dave’s Seminar to gain the knowledge that would help her be successful towards her dreams. She cares about herself now and enjoys her workouts because it makes her feel good inside and out.

I'm Happy for you Teresa and proud of you!! -Coach Ann

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