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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2014
October 2014 Member of the Month
Janet Laufenburg

When I first joined Fit4Life, my expectation was that it would be fairly easy to start working out since I was always involved in sports. I quickly realized that playing sports and working out are two different things.

I have always appreciated the positive and energetic atmosphere at Fit4Life. It sure made it easier to get started and keep the routine. I started my quest to change my life with lifting and cardio workouts with Ann.

Dave then brought in the first fire-walk and outdoor boot-camp, which I participate in. If you feel like your workout routine is routine, try a boot-camp, you will soon realize there is nothing routine about it.


"I am involved in sports or I walk outside so I donít need a gym." I hear this all the time. What most people do not realize is that in order to strengthen your heart/lungs/body you must safely push yourself beyond your comfort level. Janet has done this and is reaping the benefits. She has more energy and is even training to enter runs this summer!

Way to go Janet! You are deserving of this recognition for all the hard work you put into your workouts.

-Ann, manager & trainer

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