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Fit4Life Member of the Month
November 2014
November 2014 Member of the Month
Bob McKenna

"I’ve been coming to Fit4Life since they started in the strip mall during the winter for 1 hour five days a week. Last March I was told I had cancer and must undergo chemo treatments and because of trying to stay fit, haven’t had many ill effects.

Not only has it helped me physically, but also mentally to cope! I am 79 years old and still receiving chemo, but thankful for being able to still lifestyle of regular exercise."
-Bob McKenna

I picked Bob for Member of the Month for several reasons. First he’s been a long time member—since being on the other side of town before 2000 when I moved to the CFI building. He only comes during the winter months, but he comes EVERY YEAR! He stays active on his farm in the summers and uses the gym to stay “fit” during the winter.

When I heard Bob had cancer, I told him to make sure to keep exercising because it helps keep the immune system elevated when chemo destroys it. He reported to me one day that everyone at the clinic keeps asking him if he was having any ill effects from the chemo, but he said he felt pretty good. I told him it was the exercise that was helping him both physically and mentally. Getting out of the house and into the gym and being able to chat with others at the gym is also an immunity boost for Bob. Bob is a great example of HOW you defeat cancer with exercise!

Keep up the good work in the gym’ll be around for a long time!

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