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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2014
December 2014 Member of the Month
Chris Gowey

"I have been a member of Fit4Life for many years. Being a member has helped me continue with my life style of walking our dog, dancing and simply being able to keep up with activities with family and friends.

Fit4Life feels like home to me. The members here are great, there is a good variety of strength and cardio equipment available, and having 24/7 access is a plus.

What I would say to those who are on the fence about joining? I encourage you to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and decide what side of the scale YOU want to be on. Do you want life to pass you buy with no energy to live life to your fullest OR do you want to be able to enjoy your retirement years by maintaining good health through exercise??


Chris has been a long-time member of Fit4Life. She "gets" the lifestyle of exercise because even if she doesn't get here often, she still uses the gym for her benefit when she can. Chris realizes the value of having a gym membership she can use 24/7 any time she wants as a part of her self-commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I believe this lifestyle also shows up in our personalities and accomplishments in life. People that workout consistently donít give up when the going gets tough or the dream seems impossible. Chris had the dream to write and publish a childrenís book and that dream she realized last year with her book Zip & Zap Take a Nap. See Book on Amazon

Congratulations Chris on all your accomplishments and being a role model for pursuing oneís dreams. We are glad Fit4Life has been a part of your life for many years. Keep up the great work!

-Ann, manager & trainer

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