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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2015
March 2015 Member of the Month
Greg Schauf

"I’ve always been an active person. Growing up I ran a dairy farm and played high school sports and weight lifting in college.

I find the only thing constant in life is change. I went from milking cows for 30 years to selling the herd. I still keep busy with things to do around the farm and also drive truck full time.

I also went through a personal situation after this that had a deep effect on me. That is the reason why I joined Fit4Life.

For me it wasn’t so much about being “physically fit”. I believe that “well-being” is a more accurate way to describe the true benefits of exercising."

Being physically fit is something we all strive for so we can continue to enjoy life through our later years. But there is another reason to join the gym and that is to have a sense of well-being just like Greg stated.

Working out also clears your mind so you are able to see things in a more positive way. Great job Greg for taking the time out of your busy schedule to exercise for YOUR well-being! You are a great example for other men! Keep up the good work in the gym!
-Ann, manager & trainer

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