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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2015
April 2015 Member of the Month
Toni Kenyon

The overriding motivation for my "workouts" at Fit4Life has made a transition since joining a year ago. As one of the lead staff for Dementia programming at Western Wisconsin Cares I am being exposed to more and more information linking physical activity to a healthy mind- not just a healthy body.

A recent article in the LaCrosse Tribune focusing on exercise and Alzheimer’s treatment noted, "Regular aerobic exercise could be a fountain of youth for the brain."

In addition to the positive physical side effects of my exercise routine-I am now off blood pressure medication-I look to my time at Fit4Life as a means to achieve overall wellness. I am striving to keep my body and my mind fit."

Being physically fit is something we all strive for. Until recently with more research being done on Dementia and Alzheimer's we are beginning to realize we need to exercise to keep our brain healthy as well.

Keep up the GREAT workouts in the gym Toni!

-Ann, manager & trainer

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