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December 2015
December 2015 Member of the Month
Rachel Zanon

Growing up I have always struggled with my weight. Even in college I gained the "freshman 15" and then some. I didnít think I had gained that much weight...until I was buying size 20 pants.

Diabetes and heart disease run rampant in my family so I knew I had to change but I didnít know how. I started walking daily but became bored very quickly. Luckily a friend of mine introduced me to a gym in Marquette, MI and I fell in love!! I was losing weight, gaining strength and conditioning my heart and lungs.

Fast forward 15 years and 2 kids later and I are no longer size 20 from high school or the size 5 from when I got married.

I found that happy balance in my weight. Because working out is now a healthy part of my life style I looked for a gym when we moved to the Sparta area.

I love working out at Fit4Life!! Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. If I need help with something or need advice members and staff are GREAT! The atmosphere is welcoming no matter what level of experience you are. I definitely feel a part of the Fit4Life family.

Congratulations Rachel! You are not alone when you said "I didnít think I had gained that much weight". Often times we all go through the denial stage of weight gain. Then one day it hits you and the need to do something about it kicks in.

I am so happy you have made exercise a normal routine to your healthy life style. I am certain any goal you put in front of you YOU WILL ACHIEVE.
-Ann, manager & trainer

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