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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2016
January 2016 Member of the Month
Ken Zanon

"I started working out as part of my preseason conditioning for sports roughly 25 years ago. I have stayed with it for the most part ever since. The Fit4Life environment and equipment offer a well-rounded experience. Having alternate equipment to work out on during the busy times helps to keep a person on schedule. Being a member of Fit4Life has given me the opportunity to meet other Sparta residents and learn about the community (as my family moved here from another state). Everyone has been very welcoming.

I feel having Dave and Ann available is a wonderful resource to help out with my routine and answer questions I may have about improving my workout. Even members at Fit4Life have been very helpful.

Overall, I believe Fit4Life is a great part of the Sparta community. It certainly raises all of us to a higher level of living a healthier lifestyle. Having our children witness this lifestyle instills in them the importance of doing the same."

I see Ken in the gym frequently on weekends and he has always been very friendly. These are the kind of people I am proud to say are regular members you'll find at the gym. Exercise is a self-commitment and it's no wonder folks like Ken would consider being a role model for his kids an important reason why he stays committed to his workouts at Fit4life.
Congratulations Ken and keep up the great work!
-Dave, owner

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