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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2016
April 2016 Member of the Month
Dennis Pennel

Fit4Life is a place where anyone can come and work on the machines they want to at any time. No pressure to do things you donít want to do.

I used to gain 10-15 pounds over the winter but last winter I didnít because of coming to the gym. Also, we are eating better as a family, more balanced and more conscious of our health.

The summers get busy, but having a gym I can go to on my schedule and do what I want is definitely an important asset to my life.
ĖDennis Pennel, 49

Dennis joined after his wife joined a couple years ago. Many times the husband doesnít stick with it, but Dennis has continued to make his gym visits a part of his life.

Dennis also approaches his philosophy on working out in the best way in that when life gets busy, he doesnít quit his gym workouts. Even one day a week is better than zero days a week! So many guys around the age of 50 could benefit from getting into the gym and making working out a part of their life.

Dennis is doing this and reaping the rewards both now and setting himself up for above average health as the years add up. Keep up the good work Dennis!
-Dave, owner

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