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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2016
October 2016 Member of the Month
Jerry Bisinger

"It is very stressful being a Vikings and Cubs fan and exercise helps me manage my stress levels! Seriously, my career has been counselling folks in how to live in retirement comfortably...but...and Dave and I have talked about this many times. What good is the money you have accumulated if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it in retirement?!

Fit4Life has given me not only the tools necessary to live a longer and healthier retirement, but also the drive and motivation to keep "forging ahead". The staff is very helpful and professional and the other members are very positive, friendly and short Fit4Life has a very healthy, optimistic atmosphere which I enjoy!

Jerry Bisinger, 56

Jerry is a great example of a person who should be "too busy" to come to the gym. With his busy career and many other civic, church and community activities, Jerry lives a full life. However, as a person who counsels people on successful retirement, Jerry knows that having good health is truly the most important asset in retirement that allows one to enjoy life after 60.

Despite being a Vikings, Hawkeye and Cubs fan, Jerry fits right in with all the great people who come to Fit4Life to pursue the same enhance their lives through exercise. Its great to have a great guy like Jerry here at Fit4Life. Keep up the great work Jerry!

-Dave, owner

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