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Fit4Life Member of the Month
November 2016
November 2016 Member of the Month
Jamie Alexander

"I have been lifting weight for the past 20 years. It has always been my outlet. I was a distance runner in high school and still enjoy that. Now with being a working mom, it can be very hard to fit it into my schedule but I always do. It's important plus it teaches my daughter that health and wellness is important. Practice what you preach."

Jamie has definitely made Fit4Life a part of her weekly routine. As a mom with a small daughter, she could have every excuse not to come to the gym. Jamie is also active in the back free weights room which many women shy away from. Jamie is a fantastic example of what a busy mom can accomplish when exercise is seen as a life priority vs. a "should".
Congrats Jamie and keep up the great work!
-Dave, owner

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