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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2017
January 2017 Member of the Month
Jennifer Lund

"I am honored and glad to say to be part of Fit4Life for 9 years. I enjoy all the equipment and clean facilities. This is my stress reliever, or when I'm feeling down and definitely MY ME TIME...  As we all know starting at the beginning is never easy, till you put your mind and goals where you want to be.

It Makes You Feel Fantastic and Confident About Yourself after a great long or short workout, is a Fabulous feeling. Sometimes you gotta lose your breath to find your heartbeat. It will hurt and takes time, it will Definitely requires dedication and willpower.

Itís not about having time to work out, itís your choice to make that time and effort to do so. Think positive and listen to that voice telling you, being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. When life Knocks You Down Do a Deadlift😜"
-Jennifer Lund

Jennifer has made Fit4Life a part of her life routine. She enjoys pushing herself in the gym and I know that has paid off in greater confidence and peace of mind in her life. Jennifer hits the nail on the head in that Feeling great is what creates into exercise a canít miss habit. After time, the more you push yourself in the gym, the better you feelÖand Jennifer knows how to push herself! Itís that focus that has caused Jennifer to make Fit4Life an important part of her life the last 9 years.

Congratulations Jennifer and keep up the great work in the gym!

-Dave, owner

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