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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2017
April 2017 Member of the Month
James Anderson

"Exercise is important to me after retiring from 33 years in the military and now back working full time. It gives me the drive and energy to handle the challenges life throws at you.

Of all the gyms I’ve been too, I like Fit4Life the best because everyone’s friendly, great equipment, plenty of equipment so never waiting. Also, the fact that my wife comes to the gym as well makes our home life that much better. We sometimes come to the gym together and we both feel good about getting our workouts in. The gym is an important part of both our lives."

-James Anderson

James is a fantastic example of the kind of quality people we have here at Fit4Life. As a retired military guy, he has a long experience with staying in shape and understands the benefits of exercise to success in life.

Even though he has gone back to work full-time and has an operated on shoulder, James has chosen not to use either as excuses to skip the gym. James is living proof that even busy middle aged men can get in the gym enough to make a significant impact on their lives. Keep up the great work James!

-Dave, owner

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