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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2017
June 2017 Member of the Month
Tom Hoff

"I have been exercising on and off for many years. This time it seems I am just sticking with it. I have stuff at home but going to the gym has allowed me to mix things up. It is important because it starts my day off on the right foot. I do it because the healthier I am, the better I feel and the day to day stuff is easier. I wanted to be in better shape by the time I turned 40.

I like going to Fit4Life because of the equipment and friendly people and the weight room being separated is a big bonus. If you put the work in, yo8u will see results. Makes life more enjoyable, playing with kids not being winded."

-Tom Hoff

Tom is a great example of a guy who has lots of excuses not to come to the gym—kids, getting up at 4am to come to the gym, stuff at home, etc. Obviously, he is getting some massive benefits from his habit of coming to the gym to overpower our natural humanly desire to be in bed at 4am!

Tom is also a great humble guy. A lot of people think guys who workout in gyms are pretentious kind of people, but Tom proves that idea totally false. All this must be the fountain of youth because you would never guess Tom is 40! Keep up the great work in the gym Tom. Its working!

-Dave, owner

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