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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2017
August 2017 Member of the Month
Dave Sanborn

"Since I have been coming to Fit4Life, my health has taken a turn for the best years of my life. Never felt this good. Since my trainer started me on a new program, this has been the best I have ever felt.

The entire staff and members are so supportive of each other, it makes each workout a pleasure. What a great way to spend an hour."

-Dave Sanborn, 77

Dave has been coming to the gym for several years and recently got some training sessions to learn a new program. It is fantastic to see someone Dave’s age want to make changes and start something new to keep his body strong and healthy!

Dave is a great person so he fits in with all the other great people at Fit4Life. Congrats Dave on making your gym visits an important part of your lifestyle!

-Dave, owner

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