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July 2001
July 2001 Member of the Month
Carol Vencus

"WOW, what an honor to be chosen as July Member of the Month. I have been a member for two years and have lose 50 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 16. I feel 100% better and have more energy than I did at age 40.

I have to admit that some days it is hard to go to the gym after work. You have a ton of excuses: you're tired, have a headache, backache, it's been a long day, your favorite TV show is on, your football team is playing on Monday Night Football, but I think about how energized I am when I leave the gym after a workout and it motivates me to turn my car in the direction of the gym rather than Galesville(home). I also feel it helps to go to the gym right after work rather than to go home. If I go home, I tend to want to stay there.

I can now go cross-country skiing with my 22 year-old daughter, bowl with girls 10 years younger and go for long walks with my husband. I guess my focus or goal at my age is to look forward to grandchildren and being able to play with them.

Remember, you do not workout at a gym to compete with others, you do the workouts for YOU!" -Carol Venckus

It's always hard to pick a Member of the Month, because there are so many people here that are dedicated to exercise and doing a great job. However, Carol's commitment really is outstanding. There have been many a Friday night when it's been just Carol or another person or two in the gym. Considering the fact that Carol lives in Galesville and has a long drive home each night, further emphasizes her dedication to exercise. Carol has lost a significant amount of weight, improved her health, and increased her physical ability to do the things she enjoys with friends and family. Carol is truly living "Fit4Life"! -Dave

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