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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2018
February 2018 Member of the Month
Bruce Webster

"13 years ago when we moved our business from Lacrosse to Sparta I decided to move my health club from Lacrosse to Sparta. Fit-4-Life was on the way home so it was an easy choice. It has been a good choice. Dave has done a great job of adding new equipment and the people that I meet at the club make it easier to be there.

At 53 it gets tougher climbing in and out of Semi's loading furniture. Going to Fit-4-Life helps my body prepare for the physical part of my job. Business dictates my life so when we are busy I don't get to the club as often as I like, but when I do, I feel better! I feel like this member of the month is more of a lifetime achievement award for me." ☺
-Bruce Webster

As a busy business owner, Bruce has the ultimate excuse: "I donít have time". A lot of people believe that a gym membership is a waste of money if you donít get in weekly. But Bruce knows that having a gym he can go to 24/7 any day, is an asset he wants to maintain as a part of his busy life. No doubt his "I donít quit" belief is a big part of Bruceís business success!

Bruce is a friendly great guy and matches the kind of people we have here at Fit4Lifeógood hard-working folks who want to maintain their health and live a good life. Congratulations Bruce and thanks for being a member at Fit4Life for the past 13 years!
-Dave, owner

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