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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2018
July 2018 Member of the Month
Judy Fuhrmann

"I exercise at Fit4Life 5 days a week to maintain my strength and flexibility. I have increased mobility since my knee replacement last December. I enjoy working out with some other early risers. Exercising gets me ready for my day at work at school. I consider it my paid phy. Ed class. It also boosts my mood for the day."
-Judy Fuhrman, 66

Judy is one of the early "morning" crew here at Fit4Life. She has a simple routine that helps her stay consistent and it has become a part of her healthy life. Judy is a great lady who’s been through a tough knee replacement but has kept consistent with her morning routine at Fit4Life. She also knows how important exercise is for her mood and keeping her on top of her demanding job working with special need children. Congrats Judy and keep up the good work in the gym!
–Dave, owner

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