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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2018
September 2018 Member of the Month
Jeff Lakowske

"I have severe osteoarthritis and rhumatica myalgia causing me a lot of knee and shoulder pain. My Rheumatologist said to exercise and movement, as being the best medicine.

Fit4Life is the best gym for all ages and abilities as they advertise. Using Fit4Life gym for the last year and a half, Iíve been able to maintain my level of strength and mobility!"
-Jeff Lakowske, 68

Jeff is a perfect example of what I developed a gym for over 20 years ago---ALL ages and abilities. Exercise isnít just for fit young people; itís for everyoneóESPECIALLY those that are NOT so young or fit Like Jeff says, exercise IS the best "medicine" and his routine helps him manage his disease.

I give Jeff a standing ovation because most folks using a walker would never think of coming to a gym! This ability to overcome fear and not care what others think has enabled Jeff to make his Fit4Life visits an asset in his life! Congrats Jeff and keep up the great work in the gym!

-Dave, owner

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