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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2001
September 2001 Member of the Month
Larry Brown

"When my wife wanted me to join Fit4Life, I was very skeptical. I hadn't lifted weights since High School, but I decided to give it a try. I like a good challenge and I found myself setting small goals for myself. When these goals were met, I would set new ones. I would have never believed I could run 5 miles or lift some of the weights I now do routinely. The thing that I now do that suprises me the most is being able to walk across a beach without being embarassed or hiding under a T-Shirt.

I would like to thank Dave for these great facilities. The quality of the equipment makes it much easier to keep motivated." -Larry Brown

It's always difficult to pick a Member of the Month, but Larry's accomplishments definitely deserve special recognition! As Larry describes, his personality is such that he likes to challenge himself and in my opinion that's what leads to success not only in the gym but in life as well. He can fill the Leg Press with 45 lb plates, run 5 miles and he recently rowed more than 200,000 meters in the Fall Rowing Challenge. Most men in their 40's have given up on exercise and usually talk about the "good-ole-days" back in High School over a bag a chips and several cold beers. Larry has reversed the aging process and now lives his life in a body as fit and healthy as it was in his twenties! Larry is a shining example of what all men at "mid-life" can accomplish here at Fit4Life if they choose to. -Dave

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