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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2001
October 2001 Member of the Month
Jeff Leis and Kyle Seubert

"When I began my membership at Fit4Life I was overwieght, out of shape and not happy with my appearance. Coupled with the fact that I am a City of Sparta police officer with the rigorous demands of working 3rd shift, I knew I had to make a change."

"When I started at Fit4Life I weighed 243 pounds. I now weigh 216 and still losing. I have dropped 3 pant sizes and have adjusted my work belt 4 times in the last few months. More important, I feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic than I have in years". -Kyle Seubert

As police officers both Jeff and Kyle represent our community and county. They both feel a responsibility to stay in shape to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. As protectors of our community, we need fit, healthy and strong officers patroling our streets and keeping the peace. In today's new world, it's even more important that we have men and women on the job who are physically ready to defend and protect our residents. Jeff and Kyle are dedicated to keeping themselves strong and ready to fulfill all the duties of their very important jobs! -Dave Erickson, owner

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