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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2022
September 2022 Member of the Month
Andrew Walsh

Weight loss goals can feel like a really steep uphill battle when you are first starting out, especially on a busy schedule. I used to feel like "I don't have time to add in a workout I'm so busy."

But I kept to a schedule and made the gym the single priority of my day, and gradually made more progress sticking to a regular schedule.

It feels really hard at first, but gradually gets easier and easier until you start actually looking forward to the workout...Fit4Life ended up being the perfect spot in Sparta to pop in for a workout on my lunch break!

Since I got serious this past spring, I've been able to lose 32lbs and most of my chronic back pain from a previous injury has disappeared. I'm officially at the halfway point and am looking forward to the next 30 pounds!

-Andrew Walsh

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