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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2022
December 2022 Member of the Month
Erin Christianson

I am deeply humbled by this recognition in choosing to become a healthier happier me. Much has changed throughout this first year of my membership at the Womenís Gym.

With consistency and a passion that has grown for exercise, Iíve come to thrive more in my day-to-day routine on several levels. Amazing myself with building strength, overcoming obstacles of personal barriers exceeding my own expectations.

Within these walls thereís a helpful and kind community of people who have become to feel like family. Thereís been generous support from the trainers teaching me how to safely and effectively utilize the equipment.

My heart is grateful also for the positive encouragement from family and friends with unwavering support.

I will strive to continue learning and strengthening; this journey has only begun for me. I only hope to inspire others to TRY and see where a journey similar with incorporating exercise into their lives can lead.
Good vibes and positive thoughts!

-Erin Christianson

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