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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2023
March 2023 Member of the Month
Gloria Carey

It was hard getting started after not doing any exercise since forever and being of mature age (old) and plump, the Woman's Gym offered trainers who showed me how to use the equipment along with training program to get started.

Works out great with my lifestyle because the gym is open (e-access) anytime you get the chance to workout. Really enjoy the circuit training classes, it's a lot of hard work as well as fun with other ladies involved, builds confidence and camaraderie.

I have more energy after a consistent workout. Even though I slump once in a while the Woman's Gym pulls me back, it's such a comfortable place to exercise on new equipment.

I'm not as strong or as slender as I want to be but it's getting there, just don't give up, push yourself to your ability and have fun.

-Gloria Carey

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