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March 2002
March 2002 Member of the Month
Julia Forde & Peg Woodburn

"One of the most important things I have done since I retired last July was to begin working out at Fit4Life. I began the Fitness Challenge with Julia in November. We do cardio training at least 5 days a week together, doing strength training with Dave on 2 of those days. Dave challenges us to work beyond what we think our capabilities are. Along with feeling great and having lots of energy, I have lost weight and gained a new friend. I am inspired and challenged by Julia's determination and now our husbands have joined us in our fitness quest." -Peg Woodburn

"I was feeling particulary unhappy about my weight gain to a lifetime high when I read the Fit4Life ad for someone to commit to working out for 12 weeks. I decided to apply and was accepted. I have lost 25 pounds and gained strength and mobility. Working out with my partner Peg helps me keep motivated toward my fitness and weight goals. After observing my improvement and dedication, my husband has also joined Fit4Life." -Julia Forde

Julia and Peg have been working extremely hard toward their weight loss and fitness goals. Both have succeeded despite having circumstances stacked against them that would prevent other women like them from ever even stepping foot in a Fitness Center! Julia has two replaced hips and like Peg, has struggled with weight for years. Both have changed their eating habits and made their cardio sessions here a regular part of their lives. Together they have helped each-other down the sometimes frustrating path of lifetime weight loss. I know without each-other, it would have been much more difficult to have accoplished what they have and to reach their final goals. Keep up the great work! -Dave

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