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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2002
April 2002 Member of the Month
Harv Simmons

"My Doctor can't believe the difference..."

"I joined Fit4Life nearly two years ago. I got serious about working out when my doctor told me my next step was to go on insulin. I decided that wasn't an option so I buckled down and made a commitment to follow a steady workout routine. Since I have been working out five and six days a week, I have reduced a number of medications and stopped some altogether. My cholesterol level and blood pressure are excellent. My doctor can't believe the difference. It proves the old philosophy--If I can do it, anyone can. Sounds like a subway commercial. At 67 I don't look forward to getting too many awards but I was certainly honored by receiving the Member of the Month recognition. I feel like I have become a part of an elite group and in fact I have. Anyone who has not seen this facility is missing a great opportunity to participate. We have some great members. Everyone is kind and considerate and friendly. This simply beats the heck out of working out at home alone." -Harv Simmons

Harv was the only person over 50 to join the Fit4Life rowing team in the North American Rowing Challenge this April. Harv rowed 119,400 meters or 74 miles in less than 30 days. Most men his age haven't even sat on the machine much less rowed 74 miles in 4 weeks! Besides being Fit4Life's top senior rower, Harv's dedication to his exercise program is impressive. He comes in five or six days a week and doesn't miss. All his hard work is paying off. I was surprised to find out Harv is 67, I would have guessed about 10 years younger. Harv is a shining example of what dedication to an exercise program can do for men and women over the age of 60! -Dave

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