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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2002
May 2002 Member of the Month
Amy Stoffregen

“I am honored to be chosen Member of the Month here at Fit4Life. My story is simple though. I began coming to Fit4Life last August with a friend. At almost forty, I began to notice that my clothes were not fitting like they used to and my metabolism was slowing down. I have always been an aerobic exerciser off and on throughout my life, but I am certainly not what you would call an athlete. I am a teacher, wife, and a mother of a seven and ten year old. I really wasn’t sure I had the time to exercise consistently at this point in my life. After work, I am very busy “taxiing” my children. Then with dinner, homework, baths, etc., I knew if I was going to make working out a part of my life, I would need to squeeze it in before my family got up. I worked with Dave for four weeks before school started last fall. I had never really worked with weights before and this experience made me feel comfortable enough to continue the weight training and cardio work, coming in everyday at 5 am. I hadn’t/haven’t lost an enormous amount of weight, but my clothes began to feel less tight and when I returned to my spring/summer clothing in April, I could tell that my exercising daily was reshaping my body.

The great people that I have met over the past nine months exercising at Fit4Life are friendly and encouraging. I look forward to my morning workouts. They have truly become part of my life. I have more energy, feel better, and am more in control of my life. I have also come to realize that “Progression not Perfection” is a healthy way to view your body and personal fitness. I am never going to be a size 4, but I have definitely improved my fitness level. I can do things now that I couldn’t do fifteen years ago.

Thank you Dave and Fit4Life for making a happier and healthier me!” -Amy Stoffregen

By exercising in the morning, Amy has found a way to make exercise a regular part of her life. So many busy mothers like Amy, find reasons not to exercise and over the years add pounds and regret to their lives. When I first met Amy and trained her with a friend, she did seem skeptical about finding time to exercise so I thought she would likely not keep up her exercise program here. But she has, and it has become a part of her life she looks forward too. Furthermore, Amy’s friendly personality makes her a pleasure to be around. Keep up the great work Amy! -Dave

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