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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2002
June 2002 Member of the Month
Kris Vieth

“Exercise has always been a major part of my everyday routine. I know when I take a break from exercising for more than 2-3 days, I feel sluggish—mentally and physically. It’s also a great stress reliever for me. For those reasons alone, I try to fit in some form of exercise every day. Exercising is not just about how it makes you look, but more importantly how it makes you feel.

Exercising at Fit4Life gives me a wide range of equipment to choose from—I am never bored with my routine. I especially like the free weights and weight machines. Sparta is very fortunate to have a great facility like Fit4Life! Thanks Dave!” -Kris Vieth

Studies have been done that show those who exercise because they like the way it makes them feel are much more likely to make regular exercise a part of their life than those who exercise because of how it makes them look. Kris has been exercising for several years here at Fit4Life and regularly uses free-weights. She’s one of the few but growing number of women who knows how to use free weights and her dedication to strength training shows in her physical appearance. I’d bet that if you took Kris in public somewhere and asked 10 people how old they thought she was, that 9 out of that 10 would guess she’s in her mid 30’s. I still find it hard to believe that she’s 45! Dedication to exercise truly is the “fountain of youth”! Keep up the great work Kris! -Dave

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