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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2002
July 2002 Member of the Month
Ken & Lori Kittleson

ďMany people think Iím a pain in the neck (or lower), but I lived with chronic neck pain for ten years and was resigned to living with this pain for the rest of my life (no, I am not talking about Lori here). Diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis in my neck, weekend activities like paining, yard work, bicycling and canoeing would usually land me in the chiropractorís office on Monday. Physical therapy and chiropractic care would provide welcome but short-term relief, probably short-term only because I didnít follow through with the exercises prescribed. I joined Fit4Life two years ago to lose weight and get in shape, but found that the weight training that strengthened my upper back, shoulders and neck had the added benefit of greatly reducing my neck pain and stiffness. I would recommend regular cardiovascular exercise and weight training for people of any age. My goal is to continue my adolescence well into retirement, and strength and flexibility of both body and mind are key elements of remaining young (well, at least youthful).Ē -Ken Kittleson

ďMy strong belief in wellness has motivated me to include fitness in my lifestyle. Fit4Life provides me with a variety of choices. I should also give credit to training with Dave and my exercise partner! Without Dave pushing me, I would have never realized what I could have accomplished physically! Dave showed me how to do interval training on the treadmill, which was difficult for someone who has asthma! I started only being able to run ľ a mile, but can now run 2 miles. I havenít even used my asthma inhaler in a year and a half. My recent doctor appointment was wonderful! My lungs are stronger and I lowered my blood pressure! Exercise is the best habit anyone can start!" - Lori Kittleson

Dedication to exercise at Fit4Life is a primary requirement for being chosen ďMember of the MonthĒ. Ken and Lori definitely fit into that category! They are here during the week, on weekends and even during the summer when everyone else is skipping their routines. With such dedication both Lori and Ken have made strides in their fitness levels. Lori can now run on the treadmill and Kenís jokes seem to be getting better! Furthermore, both Ken and Loriís personalities make them a pleasure to be around in the gym. Itís great to see a husband and wife spending time together while they pursue their commitments to regular exercise! Keep up the great work! -Dave

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