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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2002
August 2002 Member of the Month
James Ford

"I have always believed in the benefits of regular exercise. I'm sure it helps keep my high blood pressure under control and enables me to maintain an active life. Besides that, I just feel better when I exercise on a regular basis. I feel very lucky to have Fit4Life so conveniently located." -Jim Ford

At age 78, Jim Ford has seen a lot. As a World War II veteran and POW, he jumped out of a burning B-17 to save his life. Many people his age believe that fitness center are for "young people". Jim knows the importance of exercise in maintaining his health and mobility. He uses the aerobic crosstrainer for several minutes, uses the strength machines and is regularly seen in the back room doing sit-ups on the decline bench. Jim has also recently recruited his wife to join him during his regular visits to the gym.

Jim won't likely need to jump out of any airplanes again, but with his dedication to regular exercise, I'd bet he still could! Keep up the great work Jim! -Dave

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