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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2002
September 2002 Member of the Month
Jeannine Larson

“Life and health are precious gifts from God. I am thankful for every day I’m able to wake up, put my feet on the ground and walk, run or just move! As a Christian, my body is “home” to the Holy Spirit as well. I consider it my privilege and responsibility to care for this home = body by caring for my physical health as well as spiritual. I very much enjoy coming to Fit4Life to exercise, read, meet new people and even relax! Thanks Dave for providing a high quality health center for residents to enjoy.” -Jeannine Larson

As a pastor’s wife, Jeannine has a distinct appreciation for the link between body and spirit. Jeannine appreciates the gift of good health and knows that one should take care of their body. Jeannine’s dedication to exercise has been remarkable and her work effort in the gym is admirable to say the least. When I heard that Jeannine has 8 children and still finds the time for regular exercise, I knew she was member of the month material! Keep up the great work! -Dave

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