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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2002
October 2002 Member of the Month
Gene Arenz

“Since joining Fit4Life nearly two years ago, I have never felt better! I have lost weight, rearranged the weight I retained, increased my stamina greatly, and as a bonus, have been able to wear some clothes I have not worn since I retired. I also enjoy the people I work out with. They are dedicated and fun to be around! -Gene Arenz

Gene has made exercise at Fit4Life a part of his regular morning routine. He’s part of the “morning crew” of retirees that know the importance of regular exercise. Gene hit it right on the head when he mentioned he enjoys the people he works out with. That’s a big part of the value of a fitness center membership—being around other dedicated people! Gene is one of those dedicated people here who is a pleasure to be around and he has seen great results from his efforts. Beyond feeling better, Gene reports he’s lost 14 pounds and lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol! Congratulations Gene! Keep up the great work! -Dave

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