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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2002
December 2002 Member of the Month
Sue Rettler

ďWhen I joined Fit4Life I thought, ďIíll just TRY this outĒ. Well after 5 years, I guess Iím hooked. Iíve always been a runner, but had never had any experience with weights. Now Iíve lost 10 pounds, but most importantly, Iíve really toned up. You might think the health benefits are the only things that bring me back, but the camaraderie and support from everyone at Fit4Life is truly motivating as well. I donít know what I did before Fit4Life came to town. Thanks Dave.Ē -Sue Rettler

A characteristic a member must have before I chose them as ďMember of the MonthĒ, is a dedication to exercise as a part of their lifestyle. Exercising isnít something a Member of the Month has to talk him or herself into--they want to do it and they couldnít imagine their lives without it. After 5 year of regularly coming to Fit4Life, Sue definitely displays this characteristic! Even though Sue is an avid runner, she sees the benefits of strength training and doing alternative aerobic workouts on the cardio equipment in the gym. Some runners only run and donít realize the additional benefits from a more rounded exercise routine. Congratulations Sue! -Dave

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