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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2003
January 2003 Member of the Month
Ray Cruz

“Growing up as a kid I was always active in sports and recreation, but it wasn’t until I joined the Army that I truly benefited from a challenging physical fitness training program. One of the more noticeable and rewarding benefits for me was transforming my featherweight, beanpole of a body into a more muscular and stronger looking physique. During those first two years of service I gained 30 pounds of lean muscle by learning my way around the weight room, eating well, setting realistic goals, never making excuses, and believing I could do it!

Although I’ve been out of the military for some time now, I never lost sight of the benefits, or my motivation for staying in shape. Being a member at Fit4Life has helped me with that. Besides maintaining good health, I’m also able to perform better at home, at work, in playing volleyball year round, and I also look and feel better. I still enjoy lifting weights, but I balance that with all types of aerobic exercises such as running, stair climbing, jumping rope, and even doing some of my old Army calisthenics from time to time. Variety helps to keep it interesting every day, but working out with an awesome bunch of Fit4Life “diehards” helps keep it fun!” -Ray Cruz

Ray’s dedication to exercise is so evident that another Fit4Life member recommended him for Member of the Month. Ray’s abilities in the gym are to say the least outstanding. He holds the gym vertical sit-up record at 54. No one else in the gym has been able to get much above 30! Besides being a great example of what a person can accomplish in their body and health with a long-term dedication to exercise, Ray is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Some might think someone with such physical accomplishments might be pretentious or difficult to be around. However, Ray is always courteous and willing to help others in the gym. Congratulations Ray! -Dave

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