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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2003
February 2003 Member of the Month
Angela Brooks

"I thought I was too busy..."

“After my husband Todd joined Fit4Life 2 ½ years ago, he asked me if I was interested in getting fit. As a mom of four, piano teacher, and substitute teachers aide, I thought I was too busy. After seeing how much “fun” he was having, I decided to join a year later. I hadn’t been a very active person, except walking. The first year, I didn’t lose weight, but my clothes fit better. Adding the weights has really made a difference. I also enjoy working out on the crosstrainer, especially if I can find someone to talk to. The people that work out at Fit4Life are of all ages and sizes, and everyone is very friendly. I have adjusted my busy schedule to make time for working out and it is worth every minute.” -Angela Brooks

Being “too busy” for exercise is the classic excuse. Angela and all the other Members of the Month have made arrangements in their schedules to allow time for exercise. A week before I chose Angela as Member of the Month, I commented to her one morning that it was unusual to see her at the gym at 6am (she usually comes later in the morning). She told me that she had to do something later and didn’t want to miss her workout. Now that’s what I call commitment! Exercise becomes a habit, but you still have to choose to have the commitment. Angela could make several excuses, but she chooses to be committed to her workouts at Fit4Life. Besides the best equipment, I think it’s the people that make a Fitness Center the best place to exercise. Angela enjoys visiting with the “friendly people” here while she exercises--Angela is one of these friendly people that love to exercise here. Congratulations Angela! -Dave

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