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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2003
June 2003 Member of the Month
Al Forde

"I saw the benefits of an exercise program from my wife’s example. At my age, I was experiencing arthritis in the shoulder and borderline high blood pressure. My grandchildren were unhappy because I couldn’t throw the football and softball as well anymore. Due to the exercise routine, I am able to play ball with them again, and the arthritis is not a problem. One of the additional benefits is the knowledge gleaned daily from fellow members, as it almost equals a day spent at the library! We are fortunate to have Dave Erickson as a certified trainer and this fine facility in Sparta. An exercise program is extremely important to one’s health and self-concept." –Al Forde, 70

As is often the case, Al joined the Fitness Center after his wife and is now “addicted” according to his wife Julia. Al is a perfect example of what life-enhancing benefits can be achieved when one makes regular exercise a part of their weekly routine. Al keeps his body strong, healthy and flexible with his regular workouts at Fit4Life. As an example of his dedication, Al often drives a separate vehicle to Fit4Life when his wife Julia has to stay longer for a training session! Great Job Al! -Dave

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