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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2003
September 2003 Member of the Month
Deb & Randy Abbott

“It will be 4 years this January that I joined Fit4Life. I have lost 40 pounds and have never felt better. “No aches, No pains.” My husband and I go to the gym from 5am to 6am each morning. I have more energy throughout my day and sleep better at night. Sparta is so fortunate to have such a wonderful fitness center.” -Deb Abbott

“I joined Fit4Life 2 years ago. Having my wife as a workout partner is encouraging for both of us. Sometimes getting up at 4:45 to go to the gym is hard, but once your workout is done, you are glad you made the choice to exercise and my day usually goes better. I am 47 on no medications and in good health. Despite a broken arm last January, I still continued to walk on the treadmill. Once I was able to start rebuilding my arm, the weight machines were a great source to strengthen the muscles again. Thanks Dave for a great fitness center.” -Randy Abbott

Randy & Deb are very dedicated members. When most people are still in bed, they’re here exercising. And despite a broken wrist last winter, Randy continued to exercise when others might use it as a reason to quit. Not only are the Abbotts dedicated, they’ve also encouraged others to join the gym and are a pleasure to be around. Their dedication has paid off! Deb has lost 40 pounds and they’re both healthy and feel better than ever. To Deb and Randy, the benefits they gain from getting out of bed early in the morning outweigh the extra sleep. So many people say they “don’t have time” to exercise. Randy & Deb make the time in the mornings and are reaping the benefits! Great job Randy & Deb! -Dave

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