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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2003
December 2003 Member of the Month
Dave Stigen

“I’ve been a member at Fit4Life for the past 5 years. Physical Training has been a big asset to my health. It’s great to have this facility in our community. I have always been motivated to challenges involving weight training and exercise. Each, very necessary for optimum health. At my age I’m still trying to work hard at training—maybe a little smarter too in how I exercise.

I’ve met a lot of great people who enjoy weight training. Motivation is a must if you are going to succeed in a fitness lifestyle. At my age, I fully realize that exercise is the great equalizer for obtaining optimum health. At my last check up my Cholesterol was down to 186 and my HDL was at 85! And the doctor mentioned that my blood lipids were also excellent.

What vital wisdom might I give to future members of Fit4Life?

That there is no such thing as a lazy person—they’re either sick or uninspired!” -Dave Stigen, 62

Dave uses more 45lb plates than most people half his age…even though he does “half reps”! But actually Dave has maintained impressive strength levels and has a great knowledge and love for free-weight strength training. As a result of his efforts in the gym, he has impressive cholesterol numbers for a man in his 60’s!

Not only is “Mr. Stigen” the “senior” lifter in the back room but he’s a great guy to be around and deserves to be distinguished as a “Member of the Month”! -Dave Erickson

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