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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2004
June 2004 Member of the Month
Mark Steging

I have been a Fit4Life member for 4 years. During this time I have observed many motivated & hardworking individuals meeting their goal of getting fit &/or staying fit. It is those observations that keep me coming back for more. Iíd be remiss in not mentioning the two comedians that are pushing me to new limits. Brian Preston & Roland Geitz are two of the most motivated lifting partners I could ever expect to be associated with. Although some days I canít tell if my abs hurt from exercising or laughing!

I have been into sports or fitness for most of my life and work in the medical field knowing how important it is to exercise but...without surrounding yourself with motivated, positive thinking individuals, it is nearly impossible to stay with it consistently.

Therefore, I take this time to think Dave for selecting me as Member of the Month, but even more I thank all of you who motivate me to keep going week after week! Thanks! -Mark Steging, 51

*Mark is an orthopedic surgery physician's assitant for Gundersen Lutheran

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