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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2004
September 2004 Member of the Month
Beth Haun

"I have always lead a very active lifestyle. I did find however, that as the years accumulated, an active lifestyle just wasn't enough to suit my specific needs anymore. Finding "Fit4Life" was one of the best adventures I have ever done for myself. The diversity of activities available really helped take a "satisfactory" workout program to the next level of "exciting & challenging". The staff and members are always helpful and willing to answer questions and provide new ideas on how to change your program for more satisfying results.

I have found that not only do my clothes fit better, but my overall physical health is much better as well. My recommendation for anyone looking to start an exercise program is simple: Don't let preconcieved notions of what you need to know or look like get in your way. Give Fit4Life or any acivity a try. There is no prerequisite except your own resolve of wanting to make a change for the any level." -Beth Haun

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