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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2005
January 2005 Member of the Month
Jan Wienkes

"I Love feeling strong!"

“I had been interested in fitness for a long time, but hadn’t made the commitment to myself to be fit. I was entering that “mid-life” crisis time and decided it was time to get moving!

There were 3 key elements in making the commitment for me. One was making myself a priority. I put the time I spend at the gym on my calendar like an appointment. I try to schedule other things around that time. The second thing is to get a fitness plan. I keep a journal, to keep track of my progress. I can look back and see how I have progressed. The third key for me was getting a workout partner. I know she is going to be there, so I feel like I would let her down if I did’t show up, and we really challenge each other. It has made a big difference for me.

I am glad we have a facility like Fit4Life available in Sparta! With the weights, strength machines, aerobic equipment and classes like Yoga, it has so much to offer!” -Jan


Jan is exactly right when it comes to making a commitment to exercise---you have to schedule it into your life at a certain time rather than coming when you have the time. So many people say: “I don’t have time to exercise”. As Jan and others who have made exercise a part of their lives know, people who say this are really saying that other things in their lives are more important.

Jan WANTS to come to the gym to exercise because of the way it makes her feel. She also made the comment: “I love feeling strong!” This is the key to making exercise a part of your life---you love what it does for you! Great job Jan! -Dave, owner

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