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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2005
February 2005 Member of the Month
Kathy Wacker

About 2 years ago I decided it was time (actually past time) to start thinking about my health. I was overweight, had been having some health problems and didnít feel well a good share of the time. With the encouragement of a friend, I joined Weight Watchers and after a year had lost 45 pounds without changing much in my exercise habit (which basically was daily living). I started to think that maybe I should fit some exercise into the picture and hopefully continue to loose those unwanted pounds. I joined Fit4Life at the beginning of 2004. My friend was already a member and we decided to meet each other as often as we could and work out together. Dave had started me on a fitness plan that would help me become stronger and burn calories. After getting some advice from another gym member and learning more about the benefits of weight training, we bumped our fitness plan up to challenge ourselves and not be happy with the bare minimum that we would do.

After being a member of the gym for a full year and committing to 5 days a week of working out, I canít believe the difference in my strength and especially my self-esteem. I have lost a total of 60 pounds in the last 2 years. I have gone from breaking out in a rash from just thinking about exercise to going through my day looking forward to my 4:00 p.m. trip to the gym! When I donít get there I really notice a difference in my energy level. Exercise helps me to reenergize after a long day at work.

Fitting exercise into my life wasnít an easy thing to do. I work two jobs and have a very busy family life. But I make a plan to give myself 30-45 minutes a day to take care of me. Putting my workout time on my daily schedule makes it happen. I have an appointment at the gym every weekday at 4:00 and I do my best not to miss it. Knowing that my friend is meeting me there also helps. We hold each other accountable and enjoy our time together too. We are both amazed at how much stronger we are. I am very thankful for a wonderfully supportive husband and family. Without their support it would be much harder for me to continue. A couple of my children have even come to the gym and worked out with me!

I am so happy that Sparta has Fit4Life. It is a wonderful facility for the young and old, the physically fit and even the self-conscious beginner. See you at 4:00.................. -Kathy Wacker, 45

I remember Kathy contacting me about joining the gym via e-mail. She was very hesitant about joining and wondering if this was the place for her. I believe I even promised her Iíd cancel her membership within a month if she didnít like it here.

Kathyís testimonial is what makes being in this business so rewarding to me. People truly can change their lives here at Fit4Life, and Kathy is a shining example of this!..................... -Dave, owner

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