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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2005
October 2005 Member of the Month
Mary Quinn

“I joined Fit4life about 4 years ago with my late husband. We went there to keep our motor skills, legs, arms and mind better. It helped us a lot. I kept going after my husband passed away. Dave encouraged me to keep coming and I did. I’ve lost 10 pounds and two dress sizes, but most of all I feel so good after I’ve been at Fit4Life. It makes my day go so much better!”

-Mary Quinn

Mary suddenly lost her husband Dave to a heart attack 2 years ago and I thought she might lose her faith in exercise. However, with the encouragement of her family and myself, Mary kept coming to Fit4life to continue her exercise routine. Mary has become a beloved member of Fit4Life’s “morning group” and her trips to Fit4Life during the week to exercise have become a part of her routine. She is doing what so many seniors should be doing to keep strong, flexible and active. Congratulations Mary!!!

-Dave Erickson, owner

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