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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2005
December 2005 Member of the Month
Jeanette & Duane Selbrede

We got started at Fit4Life as a gift from our children. It was the best gift we could have received. That was two years ago and we really enjoy it. I lost 10 pounds and we both feel it has improved our health and we feel better after our workouts. More seniors should try it!

-Jeanette & Duane Selbrede

A scary moment occurred during the equipment orientation with Jeanette and Duane when Duane passed out after using the recumbent bike. It turns out that the blood pressure medication Duane was on at the time did not allow his brain to receive adequate oxygen supply, even from the light amount of exercise he did during the orientation. Luckily it happened here, as Duane shared with me, and not on the farm while he was climbing a silo or doing something else on the farm that could have caused a serious accident or even his death. Duane’s doctor immediately changed his medication. So I like to think that Duane by coming to Fit4Life saved his life…on his very first day!

-Dave Erickson, owner

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