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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2006
January 2006 Member of the Month
John Sund

“Having both knees totally replaced, I felt it was important to regain the flexibility and strength that was diminished from the operation. After the necessary therapy, I needed to find a place to do this and Fit4Life certainly fit the bill. Since starting at Fit4Life I have regained and increased my strength and flexibility in both lower and upper body. Exercising has also helped reduce my cholesterol numbers to acceptable ranges. There has also been some weight loss.

Fit4Life has helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy coming to Fit4life to work and you meet some really nice people.” -John Sund

Although John’s initial reason for joining Fit4Life was to rehabilitate his knees, today I’m sure he’d tell you that he keeps up his exercise program because he enjoys the people he sees at the gym and how exercising makes him feel.

John’s is doing what so many so many people should be doing and his dedication is making a positive impact on his life. Congratulations Johns and keep up the super work! -Dave Erickson, owner

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