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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2006
February 2006 Member of the Month
Bev Burke

“After 50, body parts shift and expand—not in a good way. After having to try on clothes 2 sizes larger than usual, I decided I needed to do something. Fit4Life had opened so I thought I’d try it! Did it work? Well it certainly wasn’t magic—it was work—but over time, yes it worked. However there were other results that I hadn’t thought of but ended up being even more important.

The aerobics portion of my exercise program has increased my stamina. I can now keep up with my husband when we’re walking (even up hills), bike farther, do 45 minutes of step aerobics and keep up with 5 young and active grandchildren!

The weight lifting portion has helped me firm, tone, strengthen and increase my metabolism. It also helps prevent osteoporosis which, of course, if very important.

Another great thing about coming to Fit4Life is the people. They are helpful, encouraging, and supporting. They help me keep coming back! Thanks Dave for giving our community this great facility!”

-Bev Burke

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