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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2006
May 2006 Member of the Month
Bruce Wanlass

“I’ve always tried to stay somewhat fit and with father time setting in, I’m just trying to slow the process down! I’m at the point where if I don’t work out, I fell lousy and also guilty. To stay motivated, it helps to have a good workout partner and a great facility like fit4Life!” --Bruce Wanlass, 56

Bruce has been a Member of Fit4Life several years and is one of the remaining members that came here from the “Sparta Athletic Club”. Even though he doesn’t have to get up to go to the store anymore, his “internal” clock still gets him up early so he comes down here to workout at 5am! –now that’s dedication! Besides being in pretty good shape for and “old guy”, he’s also a great guy—very deserving of this recognition! Congratulations! -Dave

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