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Fit4Life Member of the Month
November 2006
November 2006 Member of the Month
Sheila Hoff

“I joined Fit4Life a couple of years ago while still living in Galesville. I made stopping at the gym a part of my daily routine. In the beginning, my main purpose for joining was to lose weight, but when I accomplished that goal, I began to challenge myself by creating new and more challenging goals. Today, exercise continues to be a part of my daily activities. I enjoy and do it for me.

Fit4Life is a facility that is constantly changing and offering new benefits to it’s members. Thanks Dave for the recognition but most of all for offering a great facility for our community.”
-Sheila Hoff

When Sheila says she has made exercise a part of her “daily routine”, I can certainly vouch for that! Even this past summer, when gym attendance dropped off, Sheila was here regularly. Sheila also knows that sweating is a requirement and not an option if she’s going to challenge her body and obtain her goals. Sheila knows what it takes to get results and she does it. And finally, Sheila is a great person, another requirement for “Member of the Month”. Congratulations Sheila and keep up the great work! -Dave

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